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Student Eco Project Competition

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The Manitoba Chapter of the Canadian parks & Wilderness Society (CPAWS)  is delighted to introduce our first ever Student Eco Project Competition for students in grades 9 through 12 in April 2017!

If you are interested in the health of our shared environment this is a great opportunity to explore an issue affecting Manitobans while competing for cash awards.


You will find all the information you need on this webpage! 

Project Criteria

Your project must address an environmental issue impacting Manitoba. You can select a topic from the list of questions provided below or you can select a topic of your own choice. This is a research project to be based on peer reviewed, published literature. It must identify an environmental issue, the cause of the issue, the effect of the issue and provide evidence based recommendations for solutions to resolve the issue.

The project must include a written summary (one to two pages text plus bibliography) and a visual component, such as display board or multi-media option. You must prepare a maximum five minute oral presentation to our friendly judging panel and be prepared to answer their questions. You may apply individually or in teams of two from the same grade level.

Judging Criteria

1) Environmental issue is clearly and concisely identified.  I.e. the species affected, geographical area of concern, types of habitats affected

2) Identification and clear understanding of the causes of the environmental issue. This includes how and why they came about, showing any interaction of causes, and how they tie in with natural cycles.  Example causes – industrial. agricultural, overhunting, species, invasions, cultural, garbage, land development, damming, fires, climate

3) Identification of the effects of the above identified causes and impacts on, responses by, or adaptations by the affected environment ( the species, habitat, chemistry, diversity)

4) Recommendations provided.  What does the literature say is the solution?  What are your recommendations?  Do you agree with the literature?  What is being done now?  Is it enough?  Provide additional ideas you have to address the issue.

The final judging of the competition is on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 at Kelburn Farm (South of Winnipeg on Hwy 75).

Out of Town Option

If you live outside of Winnipeg and cannot make it to Kelburn Farm, you can still compete! Select the ‘Out of Town’ option on the registration form and be prepared to present to the judges via Skype prior to the main event! All of the Project Criteria are the same.

Registration Information and Important Dates and Deadlines!!

Please note Registration has been extended to Thursday, February 23th, 2017

Registration: Registration opens on Monday December 5th and closes Thursday, February 23th, 2017. You will have to provide a brief project plan for approval. We will let you know if your project meets the competition criteria and if necessary, give you suggestions of what to do to make it fit. You may use our list of sample questions or come develop your own!


Detailed Project Outline Submission: By Thursday, March 16, 2017, go to the website and submit a detailed description and outline of your project, along with bibliography.  This will give us sufficient time to secure appropriate judges.


Out of Town Final Submission Date: If you wish to use the Out of Town option, you will need to email your final project to by Thursday, April 13, 2017, then go on the website and choose a Skype appointment with our judges.

Competition Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017

Competition Location: Kelburn Farm (15 minutes South of Winnipeg on Hwy 75). Click here for directions. Participants are responsible for their own transportation. A free lunch will be provided!

Arrival and Set up Time: The doors will be open by 8:30 a.m. Please arrive no later than 9:30 a.m. Judging will begin at 10:30 a.m.


Sample Research Questions

Click here to see our list of sample questions.


$500 for top project in each grade level (Grade 9, 10, 11, 12)
$250 for second place in each grade level (Grade 9, 10, 11, 12)
All participants will receive a certificate and gift for participating in the competition

Still have questions? Contact our competition organizers at


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