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Create the Future: 2018 Envitonmental Gathering


March 8-10, 2018.

Alberta Ecotrust is excited to announce our third annual Environmental Gathering: Create the Future.

There is a need for a fundamental shift in the way Alberta’s citizens and organizations think about environmental issues and solutions. Rather than simply fight against what we as a society don’t want, we have to design and build what we collectively do want – a just, prosperous and sustainable future. An Alberta that celebrates the critical value of healthy communities and ecosystems, social and technical innovation, and includes all people, organizations and governments embracing truly sustainable practices for decades to come!

Has Alberta reached a tipping point on climate change and its impact on water and land use? We think so. At previous Gatherings, we focused on changing the climate of how Albertans work together on the environment, and breaking through barriers that hold us back. This year, there will be less traditional speaking spaces (such as panels), and more time spent on idea cultivation, effective collaboration, and re-imagination.

You should be there! Experience another exciting and strategic opportunity to connect with others who share your passion for the environment. Collectively, we will develop and deepen the skills required to change our course to sustainability and create the future we want, and more importantly – need.

Next March, join us to create Alberta’s environmental future through a solutions-focused and activity-based Gathering.

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