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  • The State of Canada’s Parks 2012

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    CPAWS Special Report: Commercial Development threatens Canada’s National parks (September 2015)

    There is a crisis in Canada’s national parks. A rash of commercial development projects have been approved in Banff and Jasper, and similar development pressures are now spilling over into other national parks as well.  CPAWS’ Special Report highlights the growing list of commercial developments that are close to final approval, or have already been completed in recent years.

    The State of Canada’s Parks 2012 (2012)

    Canada’s 21st annual Parks Day takes place on July 21, 2012.  The date is an opportunity for Canadians to celebrate our spectacular national, provincial and territorial parks, and to reflect on how well we are doing at protecting these natural treasures for the benefit of current and future generations.

    Canadian Wilderness, Spring 2012 (2012)

    Parks under threat

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