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  • Oceans Report 2015: Dare to be Deep: Are Canada’s Marine Protected Areas Really ‘Protected’?

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    Oceans Report 2015: Dare to be Deep: Are Canada’s Marine Protected Areas Really ‘Protected’? (June 2015)

    The question we pose in this report is ‘how well do Canada’s marine protected areas actually protect ocean ecosystems from industrial activities?’ This seems like a fairly straightforward question, yet it turned out to be much more difficult to answer than we expected, and the information we uncovered is worrying.

    Oceans Report: Dare to be Deep: Charting Canada’s Course to 2020 (2014)

    The ocean supports a tremendous diversity of life from coastal areas to the deep sea, and contains 99% of the space available for life on Earth. From plankton to whales, marine species live in a delicate balance that can easily be disturbed by human activities, and cause a domino effect on species half-way around the world.

    Canadian Wilderness Fall 2013 (2013)

    This issue of Canadian Wilderness commemorates what CPAWS has accomplished in its first half century. It profiles some of the leaders who have built our organization over those 50 years and some of the staff and volunteers who carry on that tradition today.

    Final report on oceans protection progress: How deep did Canada dare? (2012)

    Report on oceans conservation finds Canada has made limited gains in protecting our coastal waters, with the federal government and other levels moving at too slow a pace to meet the challenge issued by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) to protect 12 special marine areas by December 2012.

    Oceans Report 2012 (2012)

    Is Canada on track to create 12 new marine protected areas by December 2012? Read the news release.

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