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Implementing the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

CPAWS is playing a lead role in this ambitious agreement signed by environmental groups and forestry companies in 2010 that focuses on conserving caribou habitat and protecting important areas within 72 million hectares of Boreal forest.

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What is the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement?

Signed in May 2010, the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) commits the 24 member companies of the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) to work collaboratively with CPAWS and other environmental groups to achieve these major conservation goals, among others:

  • Establish networks of new protected areas and improve industry conservation practices on the landscapes surrounding them;
  • Protect  habitat of species at risk of extinction, most notably woodland caribou;
  • Protect the natural characteristics and functions of forests that help regulate our climate
  • Improve prosperity of the Canadian forest sector and the communities that depend on it.

The CBFA applies to 72 million hectares of Boreal forest stretching from Newfoundland to British Columbia that are tenured to the forest companies involved in the agreement. This amounts to an area the size of Alberta and includes some of the most immediately threatened Boreal wilderness in Canada.

What CPAWS is doing


As a national organization with offices and staff in every  Boreal province and technical expertise around a range of land use, forestry, and conservation topics, CPAWS is leading the development of conservation proposals on behalf of conservation organizations with our company partners. Together with our company partners we are also connecting with local First Nations and sharing ideas with provincial governments to advance proposals leading to the the goals of the agreement.

Since signing the CBFA, CPAWS staff members across Canada have been deeply involved in the negotiations and technical conservation planning with forestry companies and others to implement the Agreement. CPAWS  is seeks to bringing science-based, practical solutions to the table to ensure the Boreal forest and all its values will endure for future generations.



Visit the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement website
Learn more about our work in the Boreal Forest.


For more information on the CBFA, please contact  Florence Daviet, CPAWS Forest Program Director at . 


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