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What do you give someone celebrating a 150th anniversary?


Seems like a long way off doesn’t it?

But the truth is, it’ll be here in a flash. And it will be the year Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary.

We think that deserves a gift. And we should follow the set of rules for anniversary gifts – because it would be undignified for us to give our country a gift that wasn’t in line with societal expectations. It would be uncouth.

Here’s what the traditional gifts list looks like:

1st anniversary – Paper
10th anniversary – Tin
25th anniversary – Silver
50th anniversary – Gold
60th anniversary – Diamond
150th anniversary – Nature

What?  You hadn’t heard that the traditional anniversary gift for 150 years is nature?  Well, I suppose most of us don’t normally shop for 150th anniversaries, but CPAWS would like to make this special Canadian anniversary the year that we give ourselves the gift of nature.

How about some new national parks?  Some new marine conservation areas?  How about some new National Wildlife Areas so that our wild critters have a place to roam safely? 

It’s a gift we can give ourselves and generations that will come after us – even 150 years from now. It’s a gift we can make to the world of clean water, fresh air and a full range of species. That’s because the gift of nature gives back.

The Government of Canada is currently conducting a public consultation on what you’d like to see Canada do for its 150th anniversary in 2017. Click here to let them know what you think.

A gift should always reflect the values of the recipient. Wouldn’t nature fit the bill perfectly?