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Update on major announcement in Ontario’s North


Recently Ontario announced it had reached an agreement with God’s Lake Resources. Hurray! They were finally dispatched with and now we and the community can now breathe a big sigh of relief.  With this latest move, the province added to the land withdrawal it commenced in early March. The total land area that has been withdrawn from staking and mineral exploration covers over 2.355 million ha of native lands in the Boreal Forest. It is an awesome achievement for KI and for all of its supporters, people just like you.

We should remember that this victory is a result of more than 7 years of work and that community leaders had to go to jail to protect their ancestral lands from drilling in 2008.

We thank all of our supporters over the years who sent emails, made phone calls to their local MPPs, or who participated in various protests. The biggest reason to thank you is that you showed you cared. You made a difference. When communities take a principled stand and conservation groups like ours back them up in the public interest with your help, great things can occur.

It is my hope that KI’s young people will now be able beam with pride that their leaders and elders protected the homelands from mining. It is also my hope that Ontario and KI can begin a new chapter.

Written by Anna Baggio, Director Conservation Land Use Planning, CPAWs Wildlands League