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The public loves the Peel.  Will the Yukon government agree?

Protect Peel sticker, photo by Jack Kobayashi

The Yukon's Peel watershed is nearly 70,000 km2 of pristine wilderness, and home to species that are rare or threatened elsewhere--like grizzlies, wolverines and barren ground, mountain and woodland caribou. CPAWS and the Yukon Conservation Society have been urging the Yukon government to work collaboratively with local First Nations to produce a final plan that protects at least 80% of this spectacular watershed.

The Yukon government is currently deciding the conservation future of the Peel.  In recent consultations, 80 to 90% of respondants supported protecting at least 80% of the watershed from industrial development.  Most went even further, supporting the local First Nations' call for protecting the entire watershed. 

Now, the Peel Planning Commission is working on a final recommendation. Will they listen to the public?

See a more detailed timeline and read more about the Peel in CPAWS Yukon's latest newsletter.

Photo: Jack Kobayashi