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Tag archives for parks

Jan 08
Parks Blog: Are you up for the challenge?
Sep 19
CPAWS Manitoba adventures with Cree nation youth at colour-changing lake
Sep 15
Wildlife populations devastated since 1970, suggests new WWF-Canada report - but there is hope
Jul 14
When is ‘balance’ unbalanced?
Jul 12
This Parks Day, Take the Road Less Traveled
Jul 10
The divine word in biology
May 02
What is needed to protect our wild lands, waters, and animals?
Apr 06
Jasper National Park needs your help
Mar 29
Conservation, Parks Canada, and the Federal Budget
Mar 07
CPAWS takes the stage at the 2017 Canadian Parks Conference in Banff National Park
Dec 22
Conservation Doesn’t Follow Our Schedule
Sep 21
Luncheon on Parliament Hill reinforces support for proposed Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve.
Jun 30
Cycling, caribou and the future of our national parks
Mar 31
The 2016 Federal Budget - From a Conservation Perspective
Jan 25
Will 2016 be the year we save Gros Morne?
Jan 24
The ecosystem of the environmental movement
Dec 30
If I had to describe 2015 in one word, it would be ‘surprising’.
Oct 20
Eric’s Thoughts on the Federal Election
Aug 07
CPAWS welcomes announcement of Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve
Jul 10
Momentum for Gros Morne buffer zone continues to build!
Jul 02
UNESCO calls on Canada to address threats to Wood Buffalo National Park
Jun 23
A marathon followed by a sprint
Jun 17
CPAWS Welcomes Bill to Amend Rouge National Urban Park Act
Jun 11
Cape Breton Highlands and Mother Canada
May 11
A trip to Lutsel K’e and Thaidene Nene
May 05
What gets under my skin
Apr 29
Celebrating Gros Morne
Mar 27
Lively Discussion About Protecting Wilderness At Holden Lake And South Panuke
Dec 19
A look back at 2014
Nov 28
Reflections - World Parks Congress 2014, Sydney, Australia
Nov 17
World Parks Congress: rich in information and inspiring connections
Nov 17
Session overview: Millennials engaging children with the environment
Nov 17
Think Global, Act Local: a field trip to the Cumberland Plains
Nov 17
CPAWS Rocks the World Parks Congress!
Nov 14
From participant to intern and beyond
Nov 13
The business case for nature is strong
Nov 06
Protection for the Rouge takes a step backwards!
Nov 06
10 is the Magic Number: Celebrating 10 years with CPAWS at the Decennial World Parks Congress
Sep 05
Will a national urban park strengthen protection for the Rouge?
Aug 29
A view from the top: Why protecting the Flathead River Valley is so important
Jul 23
Bou’s Trip to the Wild West!
May 15
First thoughts on the National Conservation Plan
Apr 16
Standing up for Jasper to honour my dad
Apr 08
What do you give someone celebrating a 150th anniversary?
Mar 17
Collaborating for a more nature-connected Canada
Feb 26
Outdoor Remedy: Improving health and inspiring the next generation of conservationists
Feb 24
Fate of Algonquin cottages should be determined by science-based Ecological Integrity Action Plan
Feb 13
Budget 2014: A missed opportunity for Canada’s parks
Jan 21
Nature at Home: Sometimes the landscapes most in need of protection are those in our own backyards
Jan 02
Great Conservationists get Order of Canada
Dec 20
2013: The Year in Conservation
Dec 13
An Important Victory for Gros Morne National Park
Nov 26
How do we “green” the 2014 federal budget?
Nov 21
The Big Vision: The evolution of CPAWS
Nov 18
Camping in Alberta’s badlands: discovering Dinosaur Provincial Park
Nov 05
Fracking Moratorium in Newfoundland and Labrador: Gros Morne still needs protection
Oct 31
Reflections on my first CPAWS lobby day
Oct 16
We’re turning 50!
Oct 09
Gros Morne: don’t frack it up!
Aug 26
Pacific Rim, I Love You
Aug 16
Ceremonial raising of Haida Pole - first in over 130 years
Aug 06
A little taste of “wilderness” in France - and what it means for Canada
Jul 20
Get your party hats, it’s Canada’s Parks Day!
Jun 06
May 30
Nature, Unplugged
Apr 25
Visiting the north with an Olympian!
Mar 22
A Tale of Two Budgets
Feb 19
Thaidene Nene: what’s in a name?
Jan 27
The future of our national parks
Dec 28
2012: The Year in Conservation
Dec 14
Thaidene Nene Initiative Winner of Arctic Inspiration Prize
Oct 29
Parks Canada cuts in action: Keji closed for the season
Aug 14
Getting to know Ontario’s parks
Jul 20
Celebrating Parks Day One Hike at a Time
Jul 12
Canada’s Parks Facing Growing Threats
Jun 21
Happy National Aboriginal Day!
Jun 19
Yellowstone to Yukon: The Journey of Wildlife and Art, Part I
May 25
New funding announced for the Rouge National Urban Park!
May 23
Birch Cove Lakes: Halifax’s near-urban wilderness
Apr 24
“Unimpaired for Future Generations”?
Mar 30
Nature in the Federal Budget
Mar 28
Riding Mountain National Park “sans” ski is fine by me
Jan 27
Bison belong in Banff
Jan 03
Our national parks are a public good - not a cash cow
Dec 21
Will the Grinch Steal your Park this Christmas? Logging may begin over holidays in Alberta protected
Sep 28
Canada’s first national parks bucket list
Aug 19
Thaidene Nene – a trip to NWT
Jul 15
Celebrate Canada’s Parks System on July 16th, 2011
Jun 27
Park dreaming instead of day dreaming
Jun 06
Conservation Gets a Boost from Federal Government
May 24
Let’s go outdoors!
May 18
Happy birthday, Parks Canada!
Apr 18
Parties make environment election promises