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Tag archives for oceans

Jul 14
When is ‘balance’ unbalanced?
Dec 22
Conservation Doesn’t Follow Our Schedule
Jun 08
CPAWS kicks off World Ocean Day!
Dec 30
If I had to describe 2015 in one word, it would be ‘surprising’.
Sep 16
Baleen’s summer vacation
Jun 09
Baleen makes a splash in Newfoundland on World Oceans Day
Jun 08
We’ve partnered with BoatSMART! on getting Canadians to think “BLUE”
Jun 03
Dr. Sylvia Earle inspires ocean action at Ottawa lecture
May 21
Six reasons why you should attend the CPAWS Talks Oceans lecture with Sylvia Earle
Apr 01
Let’s protect marine wildlife before Energy East port decisions taken
Dec 19
A look back at 2014
Oct 03
Good news for St Lawrence belugas… for now
Aug 22
CPAWS’ Whale Mascot is having a whale of a time in New Brunswick
Jul 16
CPAWS’ whale mascot makes a splash in Newfoundland!
Jun 20
All is not lost. The Future of the coast after the Enbridge announcement.
Jun 04
Launching our Oceans Report on Parliament Hill
May 15
First thoughts on the National Conservation Plan
Apr 24
Humpback whales still need our help!
Dec 20
2013: The Year in Conservation
Oct 31
Reflections on my first CPAWS lobby day
Oct 16
We’re turning 50!
Aug 16
Ceremonial raising of Haida Pole - first in over 130 years
Mar 01
Species at Risk: The Killer Whale
Feb 08
Can changes in the European fisheries policy catch on in Canada?
Feb 05
Protecting our oceans is a great investment!
Jan 15
Pipelines and Nature
Dec 28
2012: The Year in Conservation
Nov 01
From Victoria to Halifax and down to Florida, people are in love with the Southern Strait of Georgia
Aug 29
Climate change impacts on our oceans forcing marine species out of their homes
Aug 17
Species at Risk: The Leatherback Sea Turtle
Jun 20
Canada has much to learn from Australia when it comes to protecting our oceans
Jun 08
Every Day Should be World Oceans Day!
May 22
It’s International Biodiversity Day!
May 09
Dare to be deep…and win great prizes!
Mar 16
A voyage through Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve
Mar 07
Conservation in a place you won’t likely ever get to see…
Jul 31
Greenland - out of the fog and into the sunshine
Jul 30
Sailing to Greenland
Jul 30
Iceland from fishing to tourism
Jul 27
A Day of Firsts
Jul 24
Students on ice, day 1
Jun 08
A challenge for Canada on World Oceans Day
May 20
Can Canada dare to be deep?
Apr 18
Parties make environment election promises
Apr 08
Video tells Newfoundland’s ocean stories