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Tag archives for nova-scotia

Jul 31
A birthday blog in honour of my mother
Mar 27
Lively Discussion About Protecting Wilderness At Holden Lake And South Panuke
Mar 16
FSC commitment a step in the right direction for improved forestry in Southwestern Nova Scotia
Jan 21
Nature at Home: Sometimes the landscapes most in need of protection are those in our own backyards
Dec 20
2013: The Year in Conservation
Oct 29
Parks Canada cuts in action: Keji closed for the season
May 23
Birch Cove Lakes: Halifax’s near-urban wilderness
Feb 23
Chignecto is an ecological gem
Dec 01
Straighten road…destroy a park
Jun 27
CPAWS bioblitz at Chignecto bolsters conservation
Jun 17
2000 square kilometres in Nova Scotia!
Apr 12
Protecting Chignecto