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Students on ice, day 1

Sabine Jessen, National Manager of the Oceans and Great Freshwater Lakes Program for CPAWS, is accompanying the Students on Ice educational expedition on a trip through the Arctic.

We are finally in our university hotel in Reyjkjavik, Iceland after a jam packed day of activities and getting to know the 72 students and 57 staff/education team members on this expedition to the Arctic.

It's only a five hour flight, but another world when we arrived. It was about 40 degrees and humid in Toronto, and windy, rainy and only 11 degrees in Reykjavik.
And although its called Iceland, it seemed quite green as we were landing.

Our first stop was the warm waters of the famous Blue Lagoon, essentially the "tailings pond" of the geothermal power plant. The wind and the rain cooled the waters, so it wasn't as hot as I was expecting, although I was able to find some warmer places to stay in that were also out of the waves being stirred up by the strong winds. It was an experience to be among the 1200 year old lava flows outside in this warm blue sulphur smelling water.

From there it was off to the Keflavik Viking Museum to see the replica of a viking ship that was built in Iceland and sailed from Scandinavia to North America.
Wherever we drove in the bus today, the signs of volcanic activity are present, with old lava flows now covered in moss.

Tomorrow will be another exciting day - the president of Iceland has invited us to visit him at his estate.