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From Victoria to Halifax and down to Florida, people are in love with the Southern Strait of Georgia

By Jenn Burt, Marine Planning Coordinator, CPAWS-BC

In early August, CPAWS-BC and 10 other local conservation organizations launched a campaign engaging the public in the consultations for the proposed National Marine Conservation Area in the Southern Strait of Georgia. The amount of feedback and level of public involvement has been extraordinarily encouraging. So far, over 250 individually composed letters of support have been sent to Parks Canada and we’ve only just begun!

Remember, these aren’t just signatures on a petition. These are actual letters (some are short, some are long) that people took the time to write in order to tell Parks Canada what they think.

What's truly remarkable is the level of diversity coming from these letters. Kayakers, local business people, recreational boaters, environmentalists, and grandparents who enjoy taking their grandchildren on vacation on the Gulf Islands have all chimed in to give their feedback on the NMCA. People from across the continent, from as far away as Ontario, Florida, and Halifax, are joining the Gulf Islands residents and other West Coasters to give their feedback.

This diverse group of people is unified by their collective messages of support. Their reasons for wanting this NMCA are both heartfelt and inspiring:

The multitude of reasons that inspired people to write letters is indicative of the ecological, social, cultural and economic importance of the Southern Strait of Georgia. Establishing a National Marine Conservation Area will help to ensure that the ecosystem will continue to support these activities long into the future.

Beyond a strong show of support, the letters to Parks Canada have included valuable feedback on the proposed boundaries of the NMCA, suggestions as to whether important nearshore habitats should be included, how the NMCA should be implemented, and the need for it to include a network of core protected areas.

Here at CPAWS-BC, we are in awe of the number of people nation wide who have already spoken out in support of protecting the Southern Strait of Georgia. But we know that even more support is needed (especially from Gulf Islands residents) to ensure that the federal government moves ahead with the NMCA. Please take a moment to give your feedback on this important marine conservation area. You will be helping to protect this incredibly unique ecosystem for years to come.

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