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Six reasons why you should attend the CPAWS Talks Oceans lecture with Sylvia Earle

Dr. Sylvia Earle is an oceanographer who has worked her entire life to explore and protect our oceans. And, on May 25, 2015, she is making a rare appearance in Canada. Dr. Earle will be lecturing at the National Gallery of Canada in the nation’s capital, talking about her experiences and her solution for protecting our oceans.

If that isn’t reason enough to come see this incredible woman speak, here are six more:

1. Dr. Earle has spent more than 7,000 hours of her life underwater, exploring and learning the way our oceans work, and seeing first-hand the beauty of a world most of us will never experience.  She’ll be sharing her learned views and extraordinary video footage and photos of her underwater voyages during her talk.

2. Since the start of her career she has been a role model for feminists. Now 78, Dr. Earle fought to go on all male expeditions, was the first woman to walk on the ocean floor past 381 metres, and challenged gender roles in order to accomplish everything she has.

3.  A Netflix documentary called Mission Blue released last year goes into great detail about her life, her work and her mission to protect the oceans.  Legendary director James Cameron has a guest role. If Netflix thinks she’s interesting, so will you, in real time!

4. National Geographic has been bringing new worlds, and shedding light on old ones, to everyday people since 1888. Through her work as a ‘National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence’, Dr. Earle is part of National Geographic’s legacy.

5. Glamour Magazine named Dr. Earle as a Woman of the Year in 2014. The Glamour Awards exist to honour exceptional women who make positive change in society.

6. Through her work and exploration Dr. Earle has received 26 honorary doctorates beyond her MA and PhD.

Grab your tickets for the lecture to learn all about ‘hope spots’ from the woman who is making them a reality!