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Session overview: Millennials engaging children with the environment

Elyse Curley presenting

Today, I attended a session talking about millenials and how they are engaging children with the environment. Scouts Australia, MEC Outdoor Nation and the Get Outside Program (Elyse Curley), and a Peruvian group called Conciencia presented.

Millenials are the age group born from 1980 to 2000. According to the mediator, this group is ethnically and racially diverse, the most educated generation and they care about the environment. They are connected, they combine work and life and often they purposefully work for companies that align with their own views on social corporate responsibility. 

The programs presented focused on nature as a matrix for learning and engagement. Three key messages from the session were:
-Nature is a base for activities that can socially and emotionally connect youth
-We need young people to get outside, get inspired and teach others
-Processes need to be collaborative and in still a sense of ownership for youth

There is a large contingent of youth representatives at the congress. Stream 8 focuses on Inspiring the Next Generation and we are looking to youth to protect and care for our parks and wilderness in the future.