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Martha the pine marten reads your letters

  • Published on Nov 09 2011 |
  • by Martha |
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For those of you who don’t know me, I am Martha and I am a pine marten. Early this fall I wrote a letter asking for help and many of you wrote me back!

I wrote about how my grandfather told me that our ancestors came here 60,000 years ago, across a bridge of ice. He said there used to be so many of us, our home ranges stretched across the whole of North America. 

There’s not so many of us now. You see each year more big, old trees disappear in a rumble of big machines and saws. And each year I need to roam further and further to find the food my family needs. I heard that my friends in Prince Edward Island are now gone, and our cousins in Newfoundland are nearly wiped out. We had disappeared entirely in Nova Scotia till some humans brought some of us back from other places. They are hanging on, but it’s not like the old days.

I wrote about the importance of CPAWS’ work and how they have helped protect the wilderness I call home.

So many of you wrote back to me and I wanted to share your comments and say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to write back to me and for supporting the work CPAWS does to  keep the wilderness wild forever.

Here’s what some of you wrote:

I love you Martha and I wish I could keep you with me.  But I know those good people will look after you well.  Thank you, Yvonne St.-Jean

I am praying that humans can feel empathy for you and all animals who are in trouble.  Joan Massa

I do hope you have luck in finding and saving acres and acres of old growth forest for generations of Martha’s.  Too many people think we don’t need forests and wildlife.  Too much greed!  Gladys Cummings

I heartily support you!  Save our older trees in our forests.  I hope many people will help save your home for you, as well as for many other animals including us.  Jacqueline Millar

I would like the woods or forest to remain the same as it has been for hundreds of years.   I like wild life very much and support them as much as I can.  Tara Janes

All wildlife should not be forced to move from their habitant.  I hope you can stay where you are.  We humans need to stop destroying nature.  Susanne Jopko

We loved your letter and offer our sympathy and support.  Our best wishes to your friend Madge and her family.  We wish you both all the best and hope the enclosed donation will be of some help.  Beryl Balcom

I know you can’t read but I do sympathize with you.  I’m retired and am unable to travel for anymore but hope that young ones will enjoy nature and not destroy it.  Many are trying to help the earth survive.  If only we could prevent wars and poverty.  Barbara Zimmer

Your letter was touching.  I hope the very best for you and all your family.  Marion Cox

I was deeply troubled to hear of your plight.  Please hang in there and know that there are many humans trying to address the problems you face.  Carol Jones

You are so beautiful.  Kathleen

I’m so glad you wrote a letter with your friend, Éric.  I camped in Banff Park with my parents.  I’m sure I saw your great, great grandma!  Wendy Benoit

I hope you have a long life.  Stay away from traps.  James Lake

I love you Martha and all my animals.  Here is my donation, my Christmas gift to you all.  Elizabeth Green

I love the forest too!!  And I want the forest to be your home!  Elizabeth Hassel

Good Luck in your new home Martha.  I hope you don’t have to move again.  Rolf Jander

I love the forest too and you, your family and all your friends.  I hope we will always have forests to share.  Linda Easton

I wish our politicians were more concerned with preserving our natural resources rather than allowing big business and human encroachment to continue to destroy it.  I hope there’s a happy ending in this for us all.  Karen Benoit

I have never had the pleasure of meeting a Marten – but if we can save your forest areas perhaps I will have that chance.  May you and all the other beautiful creatures live free, happy and safe – well away from development and the cruelty of Man.  Darcia Steeves

My family and I hope that Canada will save your house and you will be as happy here as we are.  Alla Nikonavo

I liked reading your letter.  I hope there will always be forests for you and your family to live in.  Neil Haldane

Hope quite a few respond to your request and I do hope the government will make the lumber companies stop cutting the old trees.  Marjory Smith

I hope you can keep a home your whole life.  I wish I had enough to do more for you and the others like you.  Mary Underhill

You and other animals who need forest lands to live in do us humans a real favor by reminding us how very important the forests are to all living creatures, including us!  Carolyn in Montreal

You are beautiful and I wish to preserve your home forever.  Be happy.  Joan Anderson

I fully sympathize with your problem of living spaces.  More humans must get working on this.  Your existence is very important!  R. Macfarland

Animals are people too!  They’ve been around as long, if not longer than us.  They deserve proper living space.  Marion

I wish you all the best wishes in the fight to save our forests and the homes of your family and so many other forest animals.  These forests and wild spaces are so important to all of us, so again good luck.  Mrs. B. Joly

My name is Goose Gosling.  I love all other animals, even Fanny Fox!  One day maybe the people will smarten up and we can all play together.  Steve Gosselin

I am supporting CPAWS who are trying to protect old growth forests so that you and other animals will have a place to live.  Best wishes for a bright future.  Shirley Page

Loved your information on the Martens.  Larry Howell

I’d like to help CPAWS take care of your habitat and protect the trees and forests.  Jean Mocer

I hope my donation will help keep our beautiful old trees and forests safe for you, your family and friends and all of us humans.  I walk I, admire, take pride in and breathe.  Arlene K.

I am sorry to hear about what is happening to you and your kind.  That is not right.  I love trees too and want to protect your home – forever.  I am sending a contribution to help.  Brenda Robinson

I hope all forests are saved for you and all the other animals and birds.  Diana

We need you and every other animal in our lives.  We cannot survive without you!  We won’t survive without you all!  Love Donna

Hope you have a good winter and lots of food to eat.  Eleanor

I’m so happy and content in my home in a big tree, please don’t cut it down.  Bea Breaks

Bless you and your kits and all God’s darling creatures.  Let us pray that man will gain wisdom and compassion in their stewardship of our correctly homes.  Penny

Thank you for making known to me a new creature called the “Marten”.  I have not heard nor see one until you show me this picture.  I would love to help and see the wilderness is still preserved for them and their little ones.  Teresa

You are a very articulate marten.  I certainly want to support you and your family in finding and keeping an old growth forest home.  Katie Grieve

Yes, I want to help save the forest home of Canada’s treasured wild species and inhabitants.  Chris Winchar

I would be pleased and honoured to help preserve your habitat.  I would like to apologize to you on behalf of humans, who too often have the inclination to destroy what is not theirs.  Tina Mathieson

I see you sitting in your tree home.  Thank you for your lovely letter.  You are such a good story writer.  You should write a book.  Have a good day.  B. Hargraves

Wishing you all the best today, tomorrow and always!  Ryan and Jen, xoxo