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Martha the Pine Marten reads more of your letters

Hello human friends!

My name is Martha. You might remember me from when my friends at CPAWS shared my story and I got so many nice letters from people that I shared them with all of you.

Sadly, not much has improved since the last time I checked in. The big, old trees that my family and I need to survive are disappearing. When the old forests get cut down, we all go hungry.

The worst happened last week when people cut down the 100 year old hollow tree that my family called home. They took away the rest of the old trees too, and we needed to walk for days until we found a new forest to live in. Now I’m afraid that people will find our new home and take it away too.

There are hundreds of other creatures that share my forest. So many song birds and animals both small and large. Today, I saw my cousin the American badger – he’s in trouble too – and yesterday some woodland caribou pranced past my place looking for lichen! My home is their home, but I don’t see them so often anymore. They all seem to disappear with the trees.

I feel good knowing that people like my friends at CPAWS are working hard to help protect the wilderness I call home, and I know that many of you feel the same way.

I wanted to share some of the nice comments I’ve received from you this year, and to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to write back to me and for supporting the work that CPAWS does to keep the wilderness wild forever.

Here's what some of you wrote:

I hope you will always have a safe home in a forest in Canada – Dawn Myers

It saddened me to read about your plight. I am glad that CPAWS is working hard to preserve the forests and parks that you live in- Angela

Canada is your home Martha. In fact, Canada would be a little less “Canada” without you. So don’t despair, because many Canadians are working hard to preserve your habitat- Victoria

My heartfelt apology to you and all the other creatures that inhabit this planet, on behalf of my fellow humans who are so indifferent to your plight- Bill Muir

I love the land of our country too. Stay safe- Don Clarke

There are people in Canada who care about you and your family, and we will do our best to protect your home and the homes of your fellow creatures for the future- Susan

Please do everything you can to hang in there. There are many of us who care deeply about your comfort and survival, and who would like to see the human impact on you and others significantly decreased- Michelle Harnett

I hope you and all wild creatures live long and prosper and that humans wake up and stop unsustainable life patterns- Catherine Holliday

We will keep trying to save your home. We love you all- Mike Collins

I too fear for you and all of your forest friends. I sincerely hope that my donation helps to make many others take notice and help to save our old forests and precious ecosystems. Good luck and God bless- Cathy Noel-Gonsalves

Please look after all of your wildlife friends so our children and grandchildren can learn to enjoy them one day and not from the extinct list- Christ F. Winchar

Yes Martha, I want to help save your forest home and all of Canada treasured wild spaces and inhabitants- Zella Casey

Please keep fighting!!- M. Watts

I’m sending you what I can afford. I hope it helps in a small way. I hope to be able to help you again in the near future- Joseph Cohen

I hope you always have a tree to live in. I have some on my lot you are welcome to use, best wishes- Peter A Crawford

Keep smiling- Mr. and Mrs. John Love

I just bought a birthday card for my husband with your picture on it. Hope you have a safe place to stay- Emilia A. Lang- Csizmadia

It would be a terrible thing to leave such a lovable creature as you. We can’t afford to have any more wild life disappear. They are such a vital part of our world- Barbara CotieI too love old growth and wild areas- Linda Hopkins

I hope you and your family for many generations can happily live in Canada- Lois M. Lovo

I hope people smarten up and help save you. You are majestic and beautiful and Canada can truly not afford to lose you- Ashley Saunders

I hope you and your animal friends are successful in finding new homes where you can be safe and find enough food to live healthy lives- The Bray Family

After reading your letter, I am touched about how these beautiful forms of wildlife habitat are being compromised. I hope my belief in this cause will support animals- Deepa Saunol

We are there for you Martha. Just hang in there- William Makarenko

Hi Martha, you can be my neighbor any time- Shirley MacWilliams

I was pleased to get your letter but was saddened to hear how you and your family and your friends are being forced to give up your home. I hope my small contribution to your friend Eric and the Wilderness Protection Club will help. Maybe someday you will write me again with the good news that you have found a forest which will sustain you, your children, grandchildren, and friends forever- Paulette L.