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The Lorax

I recently went to see the new movie The Lorax with my two favourite little girls (my goddaughters Sofie and Katalina). What a treat.

I hadn't read the story of the Lorax before seeing the movie - although I was familiar with the controversies about it. Its attack on big companies (in this case, one that sells fresh air), its anti-development bias and the ideas that one little guy can change society for the better.

It was a shocking critique in its time, and it seems to have grown into a fair assessment of the challenges we face as a society today. If the trees have no economic value to us unless they are cut down - how do we value fresh air?  Clean water?  The birds and other animals that need the trees for survival? 

Woodland caribou are under threat today largely because their habitat is being destroyed and the most important food source for them (lichen) is scarce when trees are cut and their homes are being divided by roads and mines.

As I listened to the children in the theatre leave singing "Let it Grow", I was comforted that the next generation will see the importance of keeping things wild. When I feel the immense challenges in the work we do at CPAWS, I'll sing this little song to myself and remember those little children who were all learning the value of conservation and who will carry the torch in years to come. It might instill a little hope when I need it most.

Let the trees grow! Let the animals of the land and the oceans grow!  Let the idea grow!  Let our children grow knowing that we care enough about their future to stop wasting the opportunities we have left.

"Unless somebody like you cares a whole lot, it's not going to get better, it's not!"  - Dr. Seuss