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Little Eric’s Birthday Party

A couple of months ago, I learned of a little boy named Eric (great name by the way!) who was turning 5. Instead of receiving toys and regular gifts that so many children Eric's age look forward to getting, he decided to help raise money to support CPAWS - in particular to help protect the habitat of wood bison.

Eric is from London, Ontario - so he probably doesn't get the chance to see wood bison on a regular basis. I can tell you though - they are a magnificent creature. Imposing, but incredible to behold.

Eric will be travelling with his parents Ron and Silvia this summer to Banff National Park. Although the bison have long been extirpated from that region, there is a commitment from Parks Canada in its recent management plan to reintroduce the bison to this iconic park. For more information on the reintroduction, visit and you'll get a flavour for this important work.

Eric will certainly be able to see lots of great wildlife on this trip, and hopefully, by the time he's ten, he'd be able to visit again and see bison back where they belong.
Thanks to Eric and his friends and family for their generous gifts to CPAWS. It's nice to see a young man so keen on protecting our wilderness and nature.