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Let’s go outdoors!

As someone who spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid (mostly in the woods), long weekends like the one we just had remind me of how important it is to connect to nature. As an adult and godparent of two little girls, I take my responsibility to them seriously. And as the National Executive Director of CPAWS, I am very concerned about future generations appreciating nature so that they can understand the importance of conserving it.

I was recently shocked to hear about the declining numbers of young people who are enjoying the outdoors. There's a growing sense that there is a Nature Deficit Disorder (see for more details on this problem).

I'm a big fan of musician Jason Mraz - best known in recent years for his hit I'm Yours. He did a fantastic rewrite of his famous song on the hit television kid's show Sesame Street. It's called Let's Go Outdoors.

I encourage you to watch and enjoy it - and to get all the young people you know (yourself included) outdoors this summer.

Summer isn't long enough in Canada to miss a single day. Get out there!