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Introducing the 2014 MEC Big Wild Challenge!

Today we’re officially opening the 2014 MEC Big Wild Challenge (BWC) for registration and there are some great new features that we hope you’ll enjoy. 
Good things always come in three, right? … So here’s a look at three new awesome things that are going to take this year’s challenge to the next level.

#1 – Birds of a feather can now flock together!
This year, the BWC will continue to invite you to “design-your-own-adventure” to help support CPAWS. As a NEW and EXCITING option, you’ll be able to sign up for special one-day organized Big Wild Challenges at nine MEC stores locations across Canada.  These will be a great way to get out and meet other nature-minded people while having fun. 


#2 – Who doesn’t like a pat on the back?
Will you be one of our fundraising superstars this year? We hope so – because not only will you be helping to protect nature, but you it in style thanks to MEC.   
This year, when you reach your fundraising milestones, you’ll be rewarded with great MEC gifts, starting with this very cool performance shirt featuring the 2014 design.


#3 – Have you done something with your hair?
Because you look good! This year we’ve given the BWC a snazzy new look compliments of the creative design team over at MEC. As the only national, outdoor, wilderness fundraising event of its kind in Canada…the Big Wild Challenge is truly unique.  We felt we needed to look the part and now we do – hipsters you may commence with your head turning.

So … some very cool new stuff this year – but at the end of the day the heart of the event remains the same. It’s about getting out and connecting with nature, raising funds to protect the precious wild places where we love to play and explore, and having fun!

I invite you to register to the NEW and IMPROVED Big Wild Challenge today!