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Dare to be deep…and win great prizes!

Photo by Christopher Michel

Have you ever wondered what you could do with a $200 gift card from Mountain Equipment Co-op? If you’re anything like us, you might say: get outside, get active, start a new adventure – check, check, and check. Oh, and one more thing: help support the creation of 12 new marine protected areas by the end of 2012! This season, anyone signing on to CPAWS’ Dare to be Deep campaign, which aims to increase the number of marine protected areas in Canada, will be entered into the Dare to be Deep contest to win one of three $200 MEC gift certificates or our grand prize of a stand-up paddleboard.

Why is it important to support this campaign? Not only can you win great prizes (if you’re lucky!) but more importantly, you will be joining thousands of other Canadians in supporting CPAWS and in helping to make our goal of increasing marine protection for Canada’s oceans a reality. Currently, less than one percent of our ocean territories are protected through meaningful long-term conservation measures – let’s get to work on changing that number!

The 12 sites that CPAWS has identified as being excellent candidates for protection can all be found on our website, along with some information explaining why each site that we have identified is important and what threats they are faced with.

Why 12 sites? Seven years ago, the federal government made a commitment to establish a network of marine protected areas by 2012 – a network which has not yet been fully established. What we hope to achieve by asking people to “Dare to be Deep” is to gather 12,000 signatures in support of the 12 sites by the end of 2012, with the ultimate goal of advancing progress on establishing this network as far as we possibly can.

So go ahead – visit and sign up to support the protection of our oceans…we dare you!