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CPAWS’ Whale Mascot is having a whale of a time in New Brunswick

Blog by: Paige Carson and Leah Morrow

Baleen, CPAWS’ humpback whale mascot, arrived in New Brunswick just in time to join CPAWS’ summer students for a very busy Parks Day. She made a splash at the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market, where she visited with Chef Ned Bell, who was biking across Canada to raise awareness for sustainable seafood . She met lots of people, and enjoyed many hugs from the kids.

(1) Baleen with Chef Ned Bell

(2) Roosevelt Cottage

(3) Bay of Fundy

Next up was a trip to Campobello Island in the Bay of Fundy and a hike in Roosevelt Campobello International Park. After absorbing some of the local culture on a personal tour of the Roosevelt cottage, Baleen  swam along to Herring Cove Provincial Park for a scavenger hunt, sand sculpture contest, and a well deserved treat. Who knew whales liked cake and ice cream so much! At the end of it all, Baleen was a happy, though very tired, humpback whale .

A few days later, Baleen travelled all the way to Murray Beach Provincial Park on the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence . Her day included enjoying some lovely warm water and the hospitality of very friendly people!

What would a trip to New Brunswick be without a tour of historic downtown Fredericton? During her stay in the province’s capital, Baleen got to hang out in an old-time jail for a while, and was set to become a “solider for a day”, but the uniform wouldn’t fit ! She also had the chance to visit the legislative building, where her charming presence drew a crowd of tourists. She even spoke with a  reporter about conservation in the Bay of Fundy .

All in all, Baleen had a great time helping to promote the Dare to be Deep Campaign across the beautiful province of New Brunswick. View a video of her travels. She hopes to have the same positive impact in British Columbia, where she will be spending the next few weeks.

Soldier for a Day Murray Beach Legislative Bldg



Photos: Roberta Clowater