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CPAWS Talks Forests coming to Ottawa on Nov. 5

This past May, we kicked off the first ever CPAWS Talks event with the help of Dr. Sylvia Earle, who inspired a sold-out audience to take ocean action, regardless of whether they lived near the ocean or not. This time around, we’ve invited Michael Runtz and Dr. Jeff Wells to speak about forests. They will be stressing the importance of the Ottawa Valley for boreal birds in this engaging and thought-provoking lecture.

Michael Runtz is a naturalist and has 11 best-selling books about Canadian nature and animals. He teaches a natural history course at Carleton University and has been an avid birdwatcher since he was five years old. 

Dr. Jeff Wells is a conservation biologist and an author of many books regarding birds, and is currently a part of the Boreal Songbird Initiative. Dr. Wells dedicates his time to protecting the boreal forest of Canada and Alaska to help protect North America’s birds. Both Runtz and Wells have extensive experience with birds and their habitat, which is why we’ve chosen them to speak at our second CPAWS Talks event ever!

According to, “Between 1-3 billion birds flock to the boreal forest each summer to nest and breed. This number swells to 3-5 billion once the young have hatched.” That’s a lot of birds that need, and will need, a lot of forest to continue to thrive. Through these lectures, we hope to educate our audience about the importance of conservation and inspire them to take action to protect our boreal forest and its inhabitants.

Join us on Nov. 5 at the University of Ottawa’s Tabaret Hall at 7 p.m. to learn more about boreal birds and their amazing habitat that is our backyard!