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CPAWS NB’s Executive Director, Roberta Clowater, Receives Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Excellence

Guest Post by Suzanne Wood, Treasurer & Board Member CPAWS NB

At CPAWS New Brunswick, we are so proud of our long-serving Executive Director, Roberta Clowater. She has just received the prestigious Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Excellence in Land Conservation for 2015.

In presenting the award at Old Government House, Lieutenant-Governor Jocelyne Roy Vienneau noted Roberta was being, “…recognized as a guiding force for conservation in the province through her long-term involvement in bridging the gap between government and non-governmental organizations." She also highlighted Roberta’s work in the “…areas of public education, community outreach, and unifying provincial environmental organizations, in an effort to balance interests of communities and of industry together.”

At CPAWS, we know there is no better award to give Roberta than to say she is striving for excellence in land protection. She practices advocacy for wilderness protection in a way that is respectful of other views, based on conservation science principles, involves the community, and brings a better balance to the way we manage our lands and waters.

Over the past twenty or so years, Roberta has coordinated or led campaigns which have resulted in over 250,000 hectares of new protected natural areas on Crown land. That’s a quadrupling of the land protected in New Brunswick! She is quick to point out it was a team effort, and involved folks from universities, other ENGOs, volunteers, people who work in government and in businesses. What we know is that many of those people were more inspired, cajoled or willing to work together as a team, because Roberta was determined, pushing, pulling and lifting from many directions.

As a long-time Board member of CPAWS NB, and a friend of Roberta’s for even longer, I am especially proud she works for us. I’m happy she is being publicly recognized for her dedication and commitment to Land Conservation and look forward to continuing to support her and her efforts for many years to come. On behalf of the board of CPAWS NB, Congratulations Roberta! We are very proud of you!

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