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CPAWS heads to the Hill for Lobby Day 2014

On Thursday, Nov. 27, CPAWS' staff and board members headed to Parliament Hill to meet with 61 MPs and Senators throughout the day. It was a busy day filled with great conversation, including giving Canada the gift of nature for its 150th birthday. Below are a sampling of photos taken from our various meetings.









1 - Jody Overduin, Irene Mathyssen, Karen Turner

2 - Elmer Ghostkeeper, Bruce Stanton, Oliver Kent, Phil Goodwin

3 - Karen Turner, Tanya Edwards, Judy Foote, Jill Sturdy

4 - Phil Goodwin, Peter Kent, Éric Hébert-Daly

5 - Ellen Adelberg, Senator James Cowan, Karen Turner

6 - Bruce Passmore, Elizabeth May, Éric Hébert-Daly, Sabine Jessen

7 - Anna Baggio, Adam Vaughan, Mike Robinson

8 - Murielle Renard, Guy Caron, Alice de Swarte

9 - Katie Morrison, John Barlow, Danielle Pendlebury

10 - Katie Morrison, Jim Hillyer, Danielle Pendlebury

11 - Pippa Lawson, Senator Joseph Day, Roberta Clowater

12 - Erica Janes, Senator Grant Mitchell, Jill Sturdy, Alison Ronson

13 - Jennifer Berney, Michael Chong, Anna Baggio, Lavinia Mohr

14 - Kris Brekke, Steven Fletcher, Gord Vaadeland, Peter Wood

15 - Chris Miller, Greg Kerr, Roberta Clowater

16 - Vincent Castelluci, Marc-André Morin, Alice de Swarte

17 - Pippa Lawson, Hon. Carolyn Bennett, Roberta Clowater

18 - Mike Robinson, Robert Chisolm, Nik Lopoukhine, Chris Miller

19 - Elmer Ghostkeeper, Arnold Chan, Jennifer Berney, Ellen Adelberg

20 - Alice de Swarte, Hélèbe LeBlanc, Murielle Renard

21 - Murielle Renard, Vincent Castelluci, Tyrone Benskin, Alice de Swarte

22 - Jill Sturdy, Gord Brown, Gord Vaadeland

23 - Oliver Kent, Colin Carrie, Nik Lopoukhine

24 - Tanya Edwards, Hon. Wayne Easter, Alison Ronson