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Conservation in a place you won’t likely ever get to see…

This morning, the Qikiqtani Inuit Assocation (the QIA for short) released a report on one of Canada's most incredible northern marine areas - Lancaster Sound. Referred to locally as Tallurutiup Tariunga, it is one of the twelve marine sites CPAWS has identified as a priority for the government to proceed with to help begin the important process of creating a network of marine protected areas in Canada. The government is required to do so according to the Convention on Biological Diversity and its report to the meeting later this year.

The QIA have presented a report today that highlights the history and the need for Inuit involvement in the project - from creation to management. We strongly support the QIA's efforts and will continue to support this project in every way possible.

There has been tremendous local support in Nunavut for this project and although it has received high profile status, very little has happened on the ground yet. Their report also highlights the importance of including traditional knowledge in the conservation work around Lancaster Sound. Their deeply held interest in preserving this part of the ocean comes from their reliance on it as a key source of food for their community. If this area is developed or poisoned, their own survival is at stake.

If you're interested in seeing their report, click here.

CPAWS will continue to work collaboratively with indigenous people across Canada to preserve their traditions, their rights and their conservation efforts. It is a hallmark of the way we do our work.