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Caribou In Saskatchewan Need a Unique Protection Plan

Saskatchewan's boreal woodland caribou are in trouble. They have already disappeared from much of their original range, mainly the parkland areas in the southern boreal forest.

Scientific evidence is strong that caribou populations dwindle when large, intact forests are fragmented by human disturbances, which historically have included logging, mining, hydroelectric corridors, seismic lines and agricultural conversion, as well as roads associated with these developments. Such disturbances are now spreading into even the most remote boreal areas.

Fortunately, the Saskatchewan government is developing a woodland caribou strategy to return our caribou from the edge of extinction. It's still not complete, but properly identifies the need for stronger habitat protection, particularly for ranges under the most pressure in the boreal plain. Meanwhile, the federal government has drafted a national recovery strategy for Canada's boreal caribou, as many populations are in steep decline across the country.

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