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Call for Candidates for CPAWS National Board

Deadline: April 30, 2012

CPAWS is seeking individuals who wish to be considered as nominees for its national Board of Trustees. The Board has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that as a federally-incorporated, not-for-profit, charitable organization, CPAWS is financially sound, complies with relevant laws, and has appropriate policies, plans and programs in place  to accomplish its conservation objectives.

The Governance Committee is responsible for nominating a slate of trustee candidates each year. It follows policies which ensure that the Board has a combination of relevant skills, experience at the chapter level, and geographic balance.

The full Board complement is 16 members, generally elected for three-year terms beginning after the Annual General Meeting each fall.  There is currently one vacancy on the Board.  In addition four trustees’ terms are expiring this fall; all are eligible for re-election under the term-limits policy, however, two may only serve one additional year.  We do not know how many will stand for re-election.

In addition to being committed to wilderness protection, candidates with expertise in the following areas would complement the Board’s existing strengths:

  • financial management;
  • fund development;
  • knowledge  of conservation issues relative to our mission;
  • communications and marketing, including social media;
  • social mobilization strategies; and
  • partnerships with Indigenous peoples.

How to nominate a candidate:

Please provide:

  • Name
  • Contact information (telephone and e-mail),
  • A brief outline of their relevant background and skills (a paragraph or two is sufficient). The candidate signature or consent is not required at this stage.

Send your nominations by April 30, 2012 to:

Julie Davidson, Chair, CPAWS Governance Committee



How Board members are selected

The Governance Committee will contact candidates and enquire as to their interest and willingness. When we interview them, we will request a more detailed CV and information to meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements.

The slate of trustees recommended by the Governance Committee will be sent to members in early September. While the Committee makes every effort to put together the best slate, any member who feels that the slate falls short of CPAWS’ needs may submit alternative candidates for election who are supported by the signatures of at least 25 people who were members of CPAWS at the time of the call for candidates.