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Articles by Peter Wood

Peter has over 14 years of conservation-related experience, both within BC and internationally. Peter holds a PhD in Forestry from the University of Toronto, and his dissertation examined the impact of forest certification on forest management and policy in Canada. He completed his BA in Environmental Studies at the University of British Columbia, and wrote his undergraduate thesis on the creation of the Muskwa Kechika Management Area. Born and raised in BC, he is an avid outdoors enthusiast, and can often be found exploring the wilderness with his dog Nemiah.

Killing wolves to save caribou: how did we get here and who’s to blame

“The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.” - Utah Phillips All too often we don’t dig deep enough to understand the root cause of a problem, nor hold those responsible to account. Last week the Province of BC announced that it will kill up to 184 wolves in an attempt to protect endangered mountain caribou herds in the South Peace and in the South Selkirk mountains. Unfortunately, media coverage seems to be focussed on the rift that has emerged between conservation groups that support the hunt, and those that oppose it. What this fails to capture is that all of these groups are united in their call for government to address the real root of the problem, which is habitat loss, and to enact further measures to protect caribou from human disturbance.