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Articles by Mary Jane Wood

Mary Jane joined CPAWS Wildlands League in November 2013 and brings her expertise in fundraising to what she considers a truly important cause. She became committed to conservation while working at Royal Botanical Gardens, and has also raised money for arts and international development organizations, but she feels helping to preserve Canada’s boreal forest and thus mitigate the impact of climate change will be her most important legacy.

Canada’s Boreal Forest: So many stories to tell

We are so blessed in Canada to have such vast areas of unspoiled wilderness, and I love the idea of keeping as much as possible undisturbed. I joined CPAWS Wildlands League last November because I want to help make that happen. I recognize there are increasing demands to tap the country’s resource wealth, and my hope is that organizations like CPAWS Wildlands League will help protect our country’s great ecological treasures while at the same time making sure development plans don’t harm ecosystems and respect local communities. My mandate as a Major Gifts Officer is to share information with prospective donors and encourage their support of our projects.