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Articles by Max Brennan

Introducing the 2014 MEC Big Wild Challenge!

Today we’re officially opening the 2014 MEC Big Wild Challenge for registration and there are some great new features that we hope you’ll enjoy. Good things always come in three, right? … So here’s a look at three new awesome things that are going to take this year’s challenge to the next level.

How much wilderness can you fit into one day?

Last call for Challenges!

Register a one (1) day outdoor activity on the Big Wild Challenge website and raise $100 for wilderness conservation by Oct 15th and you will be eligible to win a fabulous prize including a $100 Mountain Equipment Co-op gift card and $60 CPAWS swag pack!

It’s almost the Thanksgiving long-weekend and that means we're almost at our deadline for awarding prizes for the Big Wild Challenge. The challenge has been going really well; so many Canadians have dedicated their outdoor activities to CPAWS that we’ve already achieved $15,000 of our $20,000 fundraising goal! This is doubly great as MEC will match all funds raised.

Living Out There: The Big Wild Challenge

I caught up with the Ring of Fire team by phone a few days before they were about to embark on a 23 day canoe trip through Ontario’s Far North River system as part of their Big Wild Challenge. Inspiring, to say the least!

Family hikes 22.6 km through Ontario’s’ Frontenac Park in support of nature conservation

I’ve just hung up the phone after talking with the energetic Rowland family, Dad Gordon, daughter Lesley-Ann (12), and son Graham (10).

I had called them to thank them for dedicating their hiking trip and fundraising efforts to CPAWS. I also wanted to ask them about their experience doing a Big Wild Challenge. Their adventure is a great example of how outdoor experiences can be fun and enriching family bonding times.

I hope it will inspire other families, like yours, to try an outdoor challenge of your own before the kids head back to school in a few weeks time.

The Big Wild Challenge is for families – especially those who like to have fun!

Hi there CPAWS followers! My name is Max. A bit about me if you’re curious: I’m in my late 30s and three awesome little girls ages eight, seven, and four call me Dad. I recently joined the CPAWS team in early May, when they were in the near-final stages of getting an exciting fundraising initiative called the Big Wild Challenge (BWC) ready to launch.

The concept of the BWC is both fun and simple. You organize an outdoor activity/challenge (usually something you’re passionate about, i.e. camping, kayaking, biking etc.), you get people to sponsor your challenge – which helps raise money for CPAWS (also awesome), and then you go out and do your challenge and have tons of fun doing it. Did I mention there’s a chance to win great prizes from Churchill Wild and MEC? (OK, I’m a marketing guy – had to get a shameless plug in here at least once right?)