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Martha is a pine marten (also known as an American Marten - Martes Americana). Martha lives in the Boreal forest and has made her home in the hollow of an old tree. She has three kits and recently agreed to join CPAWS in order to share her story with people who are doing all they can to protect her home. She recently moved from an intact pine forest that was more than 100 years old after her neighbourhood and home were harvested for timber. This was a problem for her as she is vulnerable to predators in open areas. She is settling into a new part of the forest and hopes that her new home will stay intact so that her kits can grow up strong and healthy, and that future generations of her family won’t be forced to find new places to live. Martha recently sent a letter to a large group of people to see if they would help CPAWS protect her forest.

Martha the Pine Marten reads more of your letters

Hello human friends! My name is Martha. You might remember me from last year when my friends at CPAWS shared my story and I go so many nice letters from people that I shared them with all of you. Sadly, not much has improved since the last time I checked in. The big, old trees that my family and I need to survive are disappearing. When the old forests get cut down, we all go hungry.

Martha the pine marten reads your letters

  • Published on Nov 09 2011 |
  • by Martha |
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Martha the pine marten shares your letters.