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Articles by Liv Vors

Board Member, CPAWS Northern Alberta

Liv became involved with CPAWS while doing her Master's research at Trent University on Boreal caribou in Ontario. She currently works as a freelance writer and consultant, and loves caribou, reindeer, and being outdoors in wild places.

Jasper’s last caribou?

I traveled to Jasper National Park for a caribou conference in the cool, tentative spring of 2006. The participants - there must have been several dozen of us - patiently spent our days watching presentations cloaked in euphemisms like "cumulative effects management" and "predator control." More than a few of us stole wistful glances out the window, wishing we were out in the cool mountain air, and wondering if we would see any real caribou.

Fortunately, on the last day of the conference, we piled onto a bus that wove us into the mountain highlands and deposited us at the edge of Medicine Lake. Medicine Lake purportedly has magical properties; sometimes it has water in it, sometimes it does not. That spring, Medicine Lake was dry, and its parched bed looked alien and otherworldly against the backdrop of stoic, snow-capped mountains. We all stood in thundering silence, waiting for something to happen.