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Articles by Florence Daviet

Florence is CPAWS' National Forest Program Director, and has worked on forest-related issues since 2006. She is a leading expert on Canadian and US forest carbon policy and has produced key inputs for the Western Climate Initiative, the California Climate Action Registry, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the Canadian government on forest carbon programs. For the past 5 years, Florence has managed a project working with 9 NGO partners in Brazil, Indonesia, and Cameroon on designing and implementing programs aimed at reducing deforestation and forest degradation and improving forest governance in each country. Since 2007, Florence has provided NGO coalitions working on forestry issues in the international and US climate negotiations strategic and technical support.

Caribou Tales #5: Heading to a Gathering

Carla’s calf won’t come out of the thicket. She calls him, but he has found mushrooms, several large clumps, and can’t be budged. Resigned, Carla picks a leaf off a nearby tree and walks around the bushes to watch him eat. Using his nose, the calf is flipping mushrooms over, then chewing them up, grunting happily during the process. His nose is covered in dirt. Carla longs to touch that nose with its soft fur and black tip. She reaches out, but suddenly he throws himself against a nearby tree, rubbing his head vigorously against the trunk, shutting his eyes in pure joy as he itches one then another of many insect bites.

Caribou Tales #4: Machines in the Forest

The moonlight glints off an object that looms in the dark, yellow and green. Around it all trees have disappeared. The opening in the forest is as vast as a large river, trees tilting and falling away from the edges as though staggering back from a blow. The opening stretches further than Carl can see, straight like a hawk falling on its prey. He shivers. Around him it’s not silence he hears, a sound that normally hums with the whirs and buzz of life quietly spinning about, but the sound of emptiness.

Caribou Tales #3: A great crash

Something is happening, the ravens called out. Carl lifts his head to listen, then turns away as a particularly green patch of lichen catches his eye. Something is happening; a chipmunk’s cry pierces through the air. Carl moves sideways, uneasy, closer to his herd mates. Then they hear the rumble and beeps, and soon start to feel the earth shake, but cannot fathom what the feeling might mean.

Caribou Tales #2: Living off the path

This is the second episode in our Caribou Tales series. Stay tuned for a new episode on the 25th of every month. “Take that! And that! Annndddd that!” As Carla watches on, her calf leaps through the air, kicking at real bugs and imagined foes. “Look, I’m getting them” he calls to her, sounding a little like the bull frogs croaking in the water nearby. Today he has been feeling rambunctious and more confident on his feet. He has survived a long swim off the island to an area of deep forest near a bog. Here they will stay for a few days.

Caribou Tales #1: A footprint on her calving ground

This is the first episode in our Caribou Tales series. Stay tuned for a new episode on the 25th of every month. Carla has been travelling for many days, heading to where she birthed her last calf. It’s a small lake island, covered with old jack pines and black and white spruce. Her stomach remembers the large selection of lichen, mosses, and grasses that were there last spring, and starts to rumble. The smell of the place lingers in her memory: the fragrance of plants, earth and water, with no trace of wolf or bear. It is the smell of safety, a perfect home for a boreal caribou.

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