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Articles by Florence Daviet

Florence is CPAWS' National Forest Program Director, and has worked on forest-related issues since 2006. She is a leading expert on Canadian and US forest carbon policy and has produced key inputs for the Western Climate Initiative, the California Climate Action Registry, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the Canadian government on forest carbon programs. For the past 5 years, Florence has managed a project working with 9 NGO partners in Brazil, Indonesia, and Cameroon on designing and implementing programs aimed at reducing deforestation and forest degradation and improving forest governance in each country. Since 2007, Florence has provided NGO coalitions working on forestry issues in the international and US climate negotiations strategic and technical support.

Flying over a Broken Boreal Landscape: A Search for Solutions for Canada’s Woodland Caribou

While the discussions in some of the ranges are extremely complex, like in the Little Smoky in Alberta today, there are people able to think differently about the problem and able to find solutions.

A bird eye view of Quebec’s forestry footprint: Or why we need to protect intact forest landscapes

I recently discovered a new tool that allows all Canadians to get a view from the sky of the forest industries’ footprint on our landscape.

Caribou Tales #8: The ones that paws the ground in search of food

Carla is up to her eyes in snow. Though the trees have filtered some of the snowfall, the snow is still deep, even directly around the trees. Around her all the caribou have scooped holes in the snow with their broad flat hooves and are nosing around in the holes for the grasses and lichens that lie beneath. Sunlight glints off the ice crystals clinging to the thick tuffs of hair protecting their ears.

Caribou Tales #7: A fleeting glimpse of ghosts

The days are short and getting colder, but still there has been no real snow fall. Carl watches his mother Carla, who is standing at the edge of their small herd with her baby. They stand with their hooves at the brink of a lake staring out. He looks out too, wondering what has caught their attention. The sun glints across the water. Before his eyes, the top layer of water is transforming into ice, crystals linking together and expanding out towards the centre of the lake. The herd is also transforming in preparation for winter; brown coats lightening to the color of the horizon on a cloudy day and growing fuzzier like dandelion flowers going to seed.

Caribou Tales #6: The Fight

A small light coloured female caribou lifts her lip and calls. Carl watches; he has been following her for the past few days, and keeping an eye on an older herd mate who has done the same. There have been several days of fighting over the females in the group. The males have locked horns, pushing back and forth across the now hard ground. With each breath and grunt, a curl of steam slipped into the cool air, curling around and above the great antlers of the fighters. The end of a match is marked by one caribou running away, and the winner running to the female. Carl has only participated in a few such matches. Testing his strength. Waiting. Now Carl lifts up his antlers and kno

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