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Articles by Alexandra Barron

Alexandra has had a lifelong love affair with the ocean and has spent the past 10 years working in marine conservation and research around the world – studying stingrays and coral reefs in the Maldives; researching white sharks and fur seals in South Africa; preserving sea turtle nesting habitat in Greece; and teaching marine science to school children in the UK. She has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Plymouth (U.K.), a Diploma in Ichthyology from the Institute Of Animal Care Education (U.K.), and is presently completing a part-time MSc in Professional Science with the Open University. Her interests include environmental planning and policy; science communication; fisheries management; climate change, and behavioural and population ecology. Having spent a lot of time working with endangered species and vulnerable habitats, Alexandra is especially passionate about the importance of protecting entire ecosystems and large areas, and raising public awareness of the threats to our oceans and their solutions. She is very excited to be able to pursue this vision with CPAWS BC. Alexandra is a keen wildlife photographer, bird watcher and naturalist. She is happiest when she’s on, in, or near the water - snorkelling, kayaking or rock-pooling - and can’t wait to dress up as an octopus and run a marathon.

All is not lost. The Future of the coast after the Enbridge announcement.

The past few days have been both inspiring and depressing. I have been in Halifax Nova Scotia for the Coastal Zone Canada conference, surrounded by scientists, conservationists and policy experts talking about Canada’s ocean legacy and future.