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Articles by Jill Sturdy

Jill has been working to protect wilderness and wildlife for more than a decade. Jill holds a BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences, with a major in Conservation Biology from the University of Alberta. She first became involved with CPAWS as a volunteer in university, and in 2001, joined the staff at CPAWS-Northern Alberta. Originally from Edmonton, Jill moved to Ottawa in 2005 to work at the CPAWS National Office. She became actively engaged in nation-wide campaigns, including CPAWS campaign to protect the South Nahanni watershed in an expanded national park reserve, and even had the incredible opportunity to paddle the mighty Nahanni! As the National Conservation Coordinator, Jill works closely with the CPAWS chapters across the county to protect Canada's wilderness and wildlife, including protecting Canada's Boreal Forest and woodland caribou.

A Lorax at heart, Jill is dedicated to protecting all things wild. Now, as a new mom, she hopes to instill the wonder of nature in her young son. Jill lives south of Ottawa with her son and partner.

Get outside on Nature Play Day!

  • Published on Jun 15 2012 |
  • by Jill Sturdy |
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I recently found out that today is Nature Play Day, a national celebration of the joy of outdoor play which is organized once a year by the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada. I don't need an organized day to remind me to get outside – my son reminds me every day by asking, "O'side?" (Translation: Can we go outside right now?) He is only 20 months old, but has already grown an appreciation for nature and loves being outside. From day one, I’ve been taking him outside as often as I can. When he was just months old, we would go for long walks along the river with him sleeping in the stroller – an activity that we both enjoyed and benefited from! As he got older, I’d point out things along the way like snowflakes falling, the tiny buds emerging on the trees in the spring, the birds singing, and the ducks swimming in the water.

Commuter Cycling: an Environmentally-Friendly and Fun Alternative to Driving!

  • Published on May 29 2012 |
  • by Jill Sturdy |
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I am an avid commuter cyclist. At least – I used to be when I lived in downtown Ottawa. Last summer when I was on maternity leave, my partner and I bought a house in Kemptville, which is a small town south of Ottawa – a little too far to cycle in to work. Needless to say, when I returned to the office in October, my cycling days were over. At least, that is, until today. Because May is Bike to Work Month here in Ottawa, I have been secretly plotting over the past few weeks to get back on my bike again. It required a few logistical details to sort through, but today – finally – I biked a blissful 12 kilometres to work!

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