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Articles by Sabine Jessen

Sabine Jessen is the National Manager of the Oceans and Great Freshwater Lakes Program for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. She also serves as the Conservation Director for the British Columbia Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. Sabine has been involved with CPAWS since 1991 when she began four years of volunteer work, prior to becoming the first Executive Director of the BC chapter. She has worked on marine conservation issues since 1993, and also conducted research on land use planning in Canada’s Arctic.

Sabine holds a Masters Degree in Geography from the University of Waterloo, specializing in coastal zone management and environmental regulation. She has served as an Advisor to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, BC Parks, the British Columbia Commission on Resources and Environment, and the Economic Council of Canada. Sabine was appointed as an Adjunct Professor in the Resource and Environmental Management Program at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in 2008 and is currently co-supervising a project reviewing previous experience with marine protected areas (MPAs) in Canada’s Arctic. In 2009, Sabine began her PhD studies in the Department of Geography at SFU focused on international comparative experience with MPA and MPA network establishment. Her contribution to coastal zone management in Canada was recognized in 2008 with the H.B. Nicholls award from the Coastal Zone Canada Association, and she was awarded the Stan Rowe Home Place Graduate Award by the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA) 2010, and a Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions PhD fellowship in 2011.

Sabine is currently on leave until December 2012.

Iceland from fishing to tourism

We crossed the northern section of Iceland over these past couple of days prior to boarding our ship, the Clipper Adventurer. During this part of our trip we learned how the decline of fishing has created hardship for the small coastal communities in this region. We also witnessed some of their attempts to develop other economic endeavors focused on education and tourism, in an attempt to prevent these small communities from dying.

A Day of Firsts

Power in Iceland

Students on ice, day 1

A challenge for Canada on World Oceans Day

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