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Articles by Anne-Marie Syslak

Anne-Marie Syslak is the Executive Director of the Southern Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. Anne-Marie has a B.Sc, a B.Ed, and a M.Sc. in Environmental Education and has worked in the municipal and the ENGO sectors with respect to the environment for the past sixteen years. In 2004, she joined CPAWS working in the education department and in 2009 assumed the role of Executive Director. In recent years, much of her focus has been spent on leadership development. Anne-Marie’s enthusiasm for the environment translates through her leadership and is grounded in strong science and educational principles. Her recent work has concentrated much of her attention towards parks, particularly the national parks in and around Alberta. Anne-Marie has a particular passion for native plants and art. When not reviewing guidelines for park development and activities, Anne-Marie can be found on the ski and hiking trails, wondering over wildflowers or camping with her family.

Session overview: Millennials engaging children with the environment

Today, I attended a session talking about millenials and how they are engaging children with the environment. Scouts Australia, MEC Outdoor Nation and the Get Outside Program (Elyse Curley), and a Peruvian group called Conciencia presented.

Think Global, Act Local: a field trip to the Cumberland Plains

Sunday, Congress participants had the opportunity to go on a field trip to experience and learn about local culture and conservation. I chose a field trip entitled, Think Global Act Local to the Cumberland Plains, to learn about local history, culture and conservation.

10 is the Magic Number: Celebrating 10 years with CPAWS at the Decennial World Parks Congress

There are few moments in life when the stars align and cause you to pause, reflect and celebrate. This is one of those moments.