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New and ready to share - a CPAWS video

Working with CPAWS, I find myself continuously trying to search for new ways to connect with people and show them why conservation matters and why the work CPAWS does is so indispensible to the preservation of Canadian wilderness.  While this seems like an easy task, it’s not always so easy.  With online being the new way for not-for-profits, it’s sometimes difficult to stand out among the masses.

To help stir my creativity, I often find myself turning to “those who know best” when it comes to online engagement and determining what supporters care about and why they care about it. The most useful tools I have found are online blogs!

So what do they tell me? Well advises that in order to connect and to sustain social movement, CPAWS needs to Adapt its Vision. In other words, we need to get back to our roots. We need to identify not only what we want to achieve but how we plan on doing it.

We need to –get to the point!

When I turned to Beth Kanter’s blog, a social media savant, she states that the most important goal is to get people off their computers and into action. Her top five list can be summarized in one word: Link! Link your offline events to your online events! Link your facebook to your email. Link people to your cause. Link! Link! Link!

We need to – link!

Good works talks about feelings and connecting. People might not always remember what you said or how you said it, but they will always remember how it made them feel.

We need to –connect!

Katya’s non- profit marketing blog  advocates that once you have reached out, it’s then time to start encouraging “new supporters to do your work for you “. In other words, make it easy for people to share why they care about your organization and empower them to share it with others.

We need to- share!

These messages resound across numerous blogs and CPAWS gets the message loud and clear. We need to get down to basics, get back to our cause, link, make a connection and entice people to share! Well my fellow conservation supporters, I think we have stumbled upon an answer.  

  CPAWS has worked diligently and we’re proud to unveil our new 90 second CPAWS video. We’ve tried to give people a really quick idea of what CPAWS is all about in this short video.  And most of all, it’s so easy to share! Tweet it, Facebook it, link it or email it!  

So, please tell us what you think about this new video! And more importantly, if we were to create an extended version what would you like to see in it?