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A challenge for Canada on World Oceans Day

I was thrilled to wake up to Monday's Globe and Mail, which featured CPAWS' call to create 12 new marine protected areas by the end of 2012 . With World Oceans Day being today, I really hope that Canada will use it as an opportunity to announce more steps  towards completion of our 12 recommended sites. As the Globe notes, our oceans harbour an amazing array of marine wildlife - from the adorable tufted puffins, to the amazing leatherback turtles, to not so handsome devils like the Atlantic Wolfish.

The creatures under the ocean's surface ARE truly amazing. One of the most important reasons these areas need to be protected is that they're critical breeding grounds, nurseries and refuge for fish and other kinds of marine wildlife throughout their life cycle. I love to eat fish. I suspect you may too. If we want our children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy the taste of wild fish - then let's  protect the habitat these creatures need for their survival, while there's still time!

I think Canada is up for this challenge. What  do you think?