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Students on ice, day 1

Sabine Jessen, National Manager of the Oceans and Great Freshwater Lakes Program for CPAWS, is accompanying the Students on Ice educational expedition on a trip through the Arctic.

We are finally in our university hotel in Reyjkjavik, Iceland after a jam packed day of activities and getting to know the 72 students and 57 staff/education team members on this expedition to the Arctic.

It's only a five hour flight, but another world when we arrived. It was about 40 degrees and humid in Toronto, and windy, rainy and only 11 degrees in Reykjavik.
And although its called Iceland, it seemed quite green as we were landing.

Our first stop was the warm waters of the famous Blue Lagoon, essentially the "tailings pond" of the geothermal power plant. The wind and the rain cooled the waters, so it wasn't as hot as I was expecting, although I was able to find some warmer places to stay in that were also out of the waves being stirred up by the strong winds. It was an experience to be among the 1200 year old lava flows outside in this warm blue sulphur smelling water.

From there it was off to the Keflavik Viking Museum to see the replica of a viking ship that was built in Iceland and sailed from Scandinavia to North America.
Wherever we drove in the bus today, the signs of volcanic activity are present, with old lava flows now covered in moss.

Tomorrow will be another exciting day - the president of Iceland has invited us to visit him at his estate.

Celebrate Canada’s Parks System on July 16th, 2011

Saturday, July 16th is Canada’s Parks Day: a day to get out and celebrate our spectacular parks system. Whether you go camping in one of our national or provincial parks for the weekend, or take a walk in the woods in an urban nature park, it’s a great day to enjoy and to reflect on how important these special protected natural spaces are to us as individual Canadians and to our country.

Going the distance for CPAWS

This spring and summer, three incredible groups have embarked on three incredible journeys in support of CPAWS to raise awareness on wilderness, conservation and watershed issues. Take a minute to read about these inspiring groups and be sure to check out their websites to learn more.

Mountains2Montreal- 4,500km in 130days

Mountains2Montreal is a group of ten people who are traveling by canoe from Alberta to Montreal over 130 days in support of CPAWS.

Inspired by their shared Canadian heritage and the journey of Canada’s First Nations and Voyageurs,the group set off on May 1to explore the unrelenting Canadian wilderness in search of their own adventure. Starting off with a group of 4 and departing from Alberta, the group will grow along the way as they weave their way through the heartland of Canada and ending their journey in Montreal.

As of July 11, the team has paddled over 3000km and has just over 1000km more to go! Grateful to all their supporters, the Mountains2Montreal team keeps their followers in the loop through a frequently updated website. Drop them a line and they will be sure to respond! Want to do a little more? The group invites fellow paddlers to join them on lengths of their journey. M2M has been trying to meet up with another ambitious group of paddlers known as Trans CanEAUda. Ironically, they just missed each other having shared the same campsite one day apart.

Trans CanEAUda- 7000km to Inuvik

Also on a grand canoe voyage, the Trans CanEAUda team is traveling 7000km from Ottawa to reach Inuvik by early October 2011. This team of 22-24 year olds is driven by a desire to retrace the paths of our early settlers and to raise awareness on watershed conservation.

These eight friends, accompanied by their dog companion Yebo, have decided to support CPAWS and the Ottawa Riverkeeper in this endeavor. They hope to raise $7000 in support of watershed conservation: $1 for every kilometer paddled.

Check out their website and blog to see how their journey is going. You can also track their every step (or should I say stroke) on their online spot tracker!

Andras bikes to Newfoundland

Visit him on Facebook at : Andras bikes to Newfoundland

András Szeitz is embarking on a solo journey as he pedals his way across Canada from British Columbia to Newfoundland. Armed with nothing but his determination and his pack, András is pedaling the journey of a lifetime as he raises awareness for wilderness conservation.

As an employee of MEC and a lover of Canada’s outdoors, he hopes to share his journey with all the folks he meets along the way. Follow his journey on his Facebook group “Andras bikes to Newfoundland,” and read his frequent posts while chatting with other people who are following him.

Wedding season is here

  • Published on Jul 12 2011 |
  • by Vicki DiMillo |
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We all know the chilling feeling of remembering an important occasion one day too late. That’s why CPAWS has launched a year-round gift giving site – so you’ll never feel that chill again.  Check out to send a quick and easy gift to those people on your list.

A gift of wilderness protection can be made in honour of any occasion, a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Our reminder service keeps track of all your dates and ensures that Canada’s wildlife keeps making tracks too!

So sign up now! CPAWS thanks you!

Where the Wild Things Are and Helping Kids Find Them

Celebrate Canada Day by introducing your kids to Canada's wild spaces. While preparing for a father-daughter rafting trip down the Tatshenshini-Alsek River, a hard-won CPAWS campaign that resulted in an UNESCO World Heritage Site, CPAWS blog contributor Emily Smith explores the nature deficit disorder and great ways CPAWS chapters are working to raise the next generation of conservationists while reflecting on her own exposure to wild spaces in her youth.

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