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A week in the Dene community of Lutsel K’e living in their traditional way.

As the governments of Canada and NWT work to establish a combined national and territorial park on the East Arm of Great Slave Lake, a group of residents from Wakefield, Quebec, embark on the first leg of a cultural exchange with the Lutsel K’e community. The Wakefield community is hoping to provide support to these future park stewards, as well as create an ongoing relationship between the two communities. The following is a blog post from Heidi Honegger, one of the 15 Wakefield residents on the cultural exchange.

Exciting things are happening in East Central Saskatchewan’s boreal forest!

Some very exciting things are beginning to happen in the boreal forest in East Central Saskatchewan! After a lot of hard work, the Pasquia Porcupine Forest Management Area has achieved approval for a new Forest Management Plan. Normally, an FMP approval might not be big news. But this FMP wasn’t typical in that another process was being woven into the planning process, one that would endeavor to take additional steps to protect caribou and ensure a healthy forest ecosystem, while maintaining a healthy local forest sector for the region. I’ll attempt a brief explanation as to what has made this process so exciting.

A bird eye view of Quebec’s forestry footprint: Or why we need to protect intact forest landscapes

I recently discovered a new tool that allows all Canadians to get a view from the sky of the forest industries’ footprint on our landscape.

Cycling, caribou and the future of our national parks

There is a better legacy we can leave for Canada on the eve of its 150th birthday than a new bike path that could affect some of the most vulnerable species in our national parks, in the very places we have committed to protect them. This issue is not about biking. It’s about safeguarding the very nature of our country. I hope the government sees the wisdom of choosing a different path.

Special adoptions keep wilderness protection in mind.

On June 14, a herd of 400+ boreal caribou arrived on Parliament Hill ready to be adopted by Members of Parliament and Senators. MPs and Senators were invited to stop by and meet their very own caribou adoptee and learn more about which herd he or she was from and what threats they face.

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