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Jasper National Park needs your help

Spending precious time and resources fighting infrastructure projects which should never have been proposed in the first place is a frustrating but necessary part of our job at CPAWS. However, I'm always encouraged by the passion Canadians show in defending our national parks from harm. Over and over, Canadians have stood up and said no to unnecessary and harmful development in our parks, and yes to keeping them wild.

Conservation, Parks Canada, and the Federal Budget

Over the past week we’ve been working to clarify what the federal budget provides for nature conservation. After conversations with federal officials we have a clearer idea, and some good news to share! We also have a few cautionary notes.

National Executive Director on the opportunity of a generation

I invite you to watch and to find out why now is such a critical time to support CPAWS in helping to protect more of our public lands, oceans, and freshwater.

CPAWS takes the stage at the 2017 Canadian Parks Conference in Banff National Park

This week, a number of CPAWS staff are at the 2017 Canadian Parks Conference in Banff National Park, co-hosting a workshop with senior decision-makers on how to achieve the international protected area targets, giving presentations, and fostering relationships with government officials, Indigenous leaders, and other key people and organizations involved in conservation.

Conservation Doesn’t Follow Our Schedule

We have a small but dedicated team across Canada that invests much more time and resources than they probably should, yet our results speak for themselves. When we close the office for the holidays, it will be well-deserved, but it won’t mean that we don’t eat, drink and sleep conservation during that time.

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