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News and views on conservation in Canada, and updates from CPAWS chapters across the country.

Protecting a River of National Importance: a story of love and patience

  • Published on Feb 12 2018 |
  • by CPAWS |
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I often say that working to protect our wild spaces is a labour of love. It’s like a rollercoaster of successes and failures, and it requires a lot of patience. With Valentines’ Day upcoming, I am reminded of the attachment that people have to the places they love and want to see protected. The Magpie River in Quebec is one of those places. Join me behind the scenes in the creation of a protected area…

Parks Blog: Are you up for the challenge?

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, the Canadian government announced that admission to national parks across the country would be free for the year. CPAWS was supportive of this – we encourage Canadians to get out and connect with nature in these beautiful protected areas.

2017 Media Wrap Up

  • Published on Dec 22 2017 |
  • by Jennifer Scott |
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We couldn't be prouder of the team of CPAWS-ers we have across the country and all the things we've been able to accomplish in our 50+ years, and 2017 was no different!

2017 started out strong and didn’t disappoint!

There have been times when I’ve heard CPAWS-ers say how much they appreciate working in a nationwide organization so that when success seems harder to achieve in their own backyard, we can still share in the celebration of hard-won victories in other parts of the country. This wasn’t one of those years.

For Judith Davidson, monthly giving comes naturally!

One of my biggest career decisions was whether to work in wildlife protection or healthcare. I ended up choosing healthcare, while keeping my dedication to wildlife as an important aspect of my personal life. While on a cycling trip a few years later I met Jean Langlois, then executive-director of the Ottawa Valley chapter. That’s when I first learned about CPAWS and discovered that this organization was about the things that mattered to me.

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