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Over 90% of Canada's land and all of our waters are publicly owned, so your voice matters when it comes to conservation. Here you can take action – write to decision makers, sign a petition, attend an event, or do even more – to help protect Canada's wilderness.


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Current actions
Help protect Alberta's Little Smoky Caribou

Alberta's Little Smoky range is in trouble. Help protect their boreal forest home—before it's too late.

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Take action for Alberta's endangered caribou
Support a moratorium on new energy leases in the Narraway and Redrock-Priarie Creek caribou ranges.
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Stand up for Jasper!

Your voice is needed to ensure park policies are respected so Jasper and our other Rocky Mountain national parks are protected for future generations of Canadians to appreciate and enjoy.

Join thousands of Canadians who are standing up for Jasper. Sign the petition today.

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Join the movement for Canada's parks!
Do you love Canada's parks? Help us create new parks and better protect existing ones by signing on today!
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Help us protect Gros Morne forever!
Please add your support to the growing list of people who want to ensure that Gros Morne is protected for future generations.
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Protect Canada's Species at Risk!
Having a strong federal Species at Risk Act is essential to protect our most vulnerable plants and animals, and the habitat they need to survive and recover on federal lands. Over 650 species are at risk of disappearing forever. Speak up now for a strong federal Species at Risk Act!
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Ensure the Rouge is protected forever
Right now, the federal government is consulting Canadians on a draft 10-year management plan for the proposed Rouge National Urban Park, and Parliament is reviewing new draft legislation for the park. Your voice is needed to ensure both are strengthened to protect nature in the Rouge as a first priority. Take action today!
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Add your voice for protecting Thaidene Nene – the Land of the Ancestors!
Add your voice to support the Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation’s vision of establishing Thaidene Nene as a permanent protected area that will conserve this spectacular wilderness area and ensure that Lutsel K’e Dene ways of knowing and doing will inform sustainable livelihoods for generations to come.
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Dare to be Deep: Protect Canada's ocean!

Over 16,000 people have signed on in support of marine protection in Canada. Add your voice to support advancing marine conservation through the establishment of a network of marine protected areas!

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Keep the Flathead Wild
The Flathead Valley is one of the most biologically important places on earth. A key connection for animals moving north and south through the Rocky Mountains, it is a magical place of great wildness that has never been settled by humans. Help create a National Park in this special area.
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Create a National Park in the South Okanagan-Similkameen

This badger and his desert friends need your help. Their habitat – a dry, warm landscape in southern B.C. – continues to disappear at an alarming rate due to human settlement. You can help create a National Park!

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Keep the Restigouche Wild
The Restigouche Watershed is one of Eastern Canada's most spectacular wild watersheds, spreading over 1 million hectares of northern New Brunswick and Quebec's Gaspe region. Only 1% is protected from development, leaving its wild habitats open for logging, mining and development.
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Sign the Peel statement of support
Help create the largest protected area in North America by signing on to this statement of support for the First Nations' goal of protecting the entire Peel River watershed.
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