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Legacy Giving

Are you looking for a way to leave a natural legacy for future generations? Legacy giving is a way of contributing to wilderness protection by giving a living legacy to preserve, for time immemorial, the natural landscapes of our great nation, and ensure the long-term survival of the species that live there.

What is Legacy Giving?

Legacy Giving is a form of gift planning that allows you to structure your gift in a way that maximizes tax benefits and helps you to achieve your personal financial goals, while giving vital support to a cause you believe in.

Legacy gifts include both outright and deferred gifts. An outright gift may consist of securities or mutual funds, which are structured and timed to limit any tax on the capital gain and obtain full benefit of the tax credit. Deferred gifts include bequests and life insurance policies, where the commitment is made now but the funds are not available to the charity until some future time.

We invite you to explore your legacy gift options and recommend that you discuss any donation with your financial advisor and/or lawyer.

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Gift of Securities

A gift of securities to a charity benefits both the donor and the charity. Listed Securities include stocks, bonds, bills, warrants and futures traded on approved stock exchanges in Canada and certain other countries. They also include mutual funds.

To make a gift of securities, please fill out this form and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Why leave a natural legacy?

Aileen Harmon, one of CPAWS’ first Rocky Mountain conservation activists, passed away in 2015 after a long, rich life. Aileen’s passion for preserving Canada’s national parks was as big as her heart. A significant gift to CPAWS in her will ensures that the nature she loved to protect will continue through her lasting legacy gift.

Estate of Aileen Harmon

My concern for Canada’s vanishing wilderness brought me to CPAWS. After 25 years in the environment field, I wanted to focus on the broader protection of the natural world. CPAWS has the track record of success and values that I could get behind. These values led me to become a volunteer and donor, and to my decision to make a bequest to CPAWS.

Sherri Watson

Canada’s natural environment is an invaluable asset that transcends generations and boundaries. Canada’s many parks and wilderness areas are a unique asset that many countries no longer have. Protecting our natural heritage is a tremendous gift that we can give to future generations,, and I believe that leaving a bequest is a great way to do that.

Oliver Kent