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Fundraising for CPAWS

Have fun for a good cause!

Dedicate your next event to wilderness conservation!

Thinking of doing an activity or hosting an event and looking to support a cause? Hosting an event or leading an activity is a great way to support wilderness conservation while doing something you love. Whether it’s a long distance hike, casual dress day at the office, a special evening or a school activity, CPAWS is glad to help promote and support you and your initiative, if you would like to raise funds in support of protecting Canada’s wilderness.

Activity/Event Ideas

  • A  walk/run/paddle/hike/bike journey
  • Themed days in office where participants pay to participate
  • Loose change collection jars displayed at local retailers/school/office
  • Talent show, a poetry night, a movie night
  • Used book sale
  • Silent auction
  • Yard sales
  • House cleaning squad
  • Dance-a-thon, skate-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, hula hoop-a-thon… you get the idea!
  • Let your imagination go wild!

What CPAWS can offer

  • Informational materials
  • Promotion to the CPAWS network
  • CPAWS swag ( t-shirts, thermoses, tuques) at cost
  • Advice
  • Ask us! We can do lots more!


For more information, or to register your event, please fill out our Third Party Fundraising Application form and let CPAWS know what you’re doing to help!