CPAWS regrets that Mary Majka passed away in 2014.

CPAWS, the National and Provincial Parks Association

by Mary Majka

I am a very old member of the organization. When I joined sometime in the early 70's it was still the "National and Provincial Parks Association." Gavin Henderson, the founder and executive director asked me to be a member of the board and later representative for the Maritimes.

It was the NPPAC which commissioned me to write their first book about any Canadian national park.  I wrote "Fundy National Park" and It was published by Brunswick Press in 1977 to great acclaim, being for a good number of years a best seller in local stores!  (It is now out of print, being replaced by more recent publications.)

A few years earlier I had established the "Children's Nature Center" -- first in any national park in Canada (which to this day is operated as "Kid's Stuff"). Later on, together with David Christie I co-founded the "Fundy Guild," an organization which works with FNP and operates a book store in the Visitor Centre.

To this day (at almost 90 years of age) I am still involved in Fundy National Park.  One of my proudest recent achievements was three years ago, when I persuaded  the park to lease us land and allow us to transport from Alma (and restore) the historic home of the first female sea captain in North America by the name of Molly Kool!  It is to be opened in the summer of 2013.

As you can see my work for the benefit of parks goes a long way! I wish CPAWS lots of success in the years to come!!